Cisco Lifetime Warranty

Novia Networks Lifetime Warranty Policies and Conditions:

We offer a Lifetime Hardware Warranty on all Cisco hardware purchased through NoviaNetworks. 

Should you experience a failure within the first year after purchase, we will consult with you on the issue to see if we can provide instruction to resolve the issue. If this is not possible, then NoviaNetworks will send a replacement via next day delivery. All shipping costs will be covered by NoviaNetworks and no waiting until you return the original unit to get your replacement.

After the first year that the item is in service with the end user, if a failure occurs, you ship the item back to us prepaid and we will repair or replace the equipment with the exact model or a model with the same functionality as the original via standard shipping. NoviaNetworks will then reimburse you for your original shipping charges.

*Subject to the terms and conditions described in the Novia Networks Warranty & Promise, selected products carry a lifetime warranty for the original end user purchaser of the product.