Reseller Warranty

Novia Networks Reseller Warranty:

Novia Networks provides a DOA to 90 day Reseller Hardware Warranty, item dependent, on all products we sell. If your user experiences an equipment failure within the warranty time frame, our technical engineering support teams will either solve your problem over the phone or approve a best-effort advanced replacement unit.

Novia Networks will pay shipping costs for the replacement unit. Return of the failing equipment will be at the buyer’s expense. The failing unit must be returned within 15 days to avoid a core charge for full value of the replacement unit.

This reseller hardware warranty does not apply to failure of the product resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, neglect or mishandling, improperly adjusted or maintained product, incorrect environment, improper installation or configuration, accident, flood or physical damage, electrical issues such as lightning, power surges, incorrect electrical voltages or other electrical stress, modification, or forces of nature. The warranty also does not cover issues related to software products, upgrades, licenses, compatibility, file deletion, manufacturer support, or any other implied operating system related failures. Assistance with these issues will be available on a billable, time and materials basis.

One and three year extended warranty options may be available for an additional fee on a case by case basis, product dependent.

Please contact us for details on specific product options for extended warranties.