Q. Why buy previously owned gear and equipment?

Savings is often the key reason, with discounts on many products approaching 90%. However, there are many reasons:

  • Immediate availability
  • A product you need has been discontinued  
  • You need an available spare or backup item


Novia Networks stands out as a leader in the IT Industry and is recognized by two of the top industry organizations that are vigilant about providing genuine products to the end consumer.

UNEDA - (United Network Equipment Dealer Association) - A worldwide alliance of more than 300 of the leading marketers of pre-owned networking equipment.

ASCDI - (Association of Service and Computer Dealers International) - A nonprofit organization made up of companies who provide technology solutions to the business community.


Q. Do you offer a warranty?

Novia Neworks is so confident in our products, that effective June 1, 2013, all Cisco products carry our LIFETIME HARDWARE WARRANTY, to our end user buyers. Other products come with a full 1 year hardware warranty and possibly longer. Please contact us or refer to the product page for warranty info on your specific product.

If you are looking to cover your equipment under a manufacturer's maintenance plan, we provide ONLY equipment which is eligible for these maintenance programs. Contact us or ask one our professionals about your particular warranty requirements and any available dealer warranties for your product.

Q. Where do you get your equipment from?

Probably our most frequently asked question! The answer is really simple. It comes from corporations like yours, who are simply moving on in technology, downsizing or outsourcing their hardware. It comes from leasing companies who receive the assets back at the end of the lease term, and sell them to us to gain a return from those assets. Other sources would include government agencies and distributors that are trying to move existing inventory, or manufacturers that are overstocked. It is all working equipment in great condition that receives complete testing and reconditioning at our facility. We ensure that when you receive your product it looks and performs like new. We belong to the top used network hardware dealer organizations in the world, UNEDA and ASCDI. These organizations are there to ensure that the secondary market is a place where people can find and purchase high quality, affordable alternatives for networking solutions. and we are very diligent in weeding out counterfeit equipment, via an extensive network of information. We DO NOT buy from the ASIA rim, which is where suspect goods often emanate, and we take precautions to inspect and verify that we are always providing you with genuine, manufacturer's products. We guarantee it!

Q. Do you buy equipment?

YES! We have a consistent need for equipment and our inventory moves quickly, which allows us to pay top dollar for your gear. Also, you have the option to sell us equipment, place the value of the sale on account, and have money available for future purchases. A clever way of increasing your IT budget.

Q. How do you package your equipment for shipment?

We use only new boxes and packaging materials, including new anti-static materials, bubble wrap, and foam-in-place technology for heavier goods! We guarantee that your products will arrive safe and sound, functioning flawlessly! When needed due to weight or size concerns, we will box and then palletize your shipment for safe delivery. We ship safely, everyday, and world wide.

Q. What carriers do you use to ship your equipment?

We typically ship Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, or common carrier. We ship at the desired speed that you request. We can also ship via the carrier of your choice and bill your account directly. We ship approximately 10% of our products to the far reaches of the world and our damaged product is less than ½ of 1%, so we are very confident in our packaging methods and assure you the quality of your product upon receipt! We will get it to you, and we will get it there safe.

Q. What terms might we expect?

Novia Networks accepts purchase orders for net terms from many corporations, (advance credit approval required) all major credit cards, PayPal, C.O.D., wire transfers, and “equipment trade” on account. Your specific terms can be discussed with your representative at any time convenient for you.


Q. What if we only want “NEW” equipment?

We can help there too! Believe it or not, the secondary market has almost 10% of its inventory available as new opened box or still new in the box equipment! And with Novia’s 35+ years’ experience in the marketplace, we can find it all for you! Just ask us about pricing new gear for you, when you ask for a quote.


Q. Why Choose Novia Networks?

It's simple.


Brad Bersie and Rick Zywotko, the founders of Novia Networks have spent 35+ years in the computer and networking industry. They formed Novia Networks because they wanted to offer exciting, innovative solutions for their loyal clientele.

LIFETIME HARDWARE WARRANTY now available on all Cisco equipment sold by Novia Networks to end users. At Novia Networks, we offer a strong warranty on all of our new, used and refurbished equipment. We are widely recognized as a reliable source for Cisco, F5, Juniper Networks, Foundry Networks, Nortel, and DELL / Force10 products. At Novia Networks we offer our extensive experience & innovative solutions to all of our clients and ensure a fast quote, personalized service and fair pricing.

Novia Networks is the best choice for your company. Call (763) 208-6495 and put us to the test today!